Animal Services Volunteer Application


The animal shelter attracts a great number of visitors. We are looking for greeters to assist customers in finding the right pet for their home. Greeters will guide customers through the adoption areas while answering questions and instructing them about the adoption process. Greeters will also assist the customer in taking an animal out to socialize.

Clerical Work

We always have papers that need to be filed, letters that need to be sent, and information that needs to be entered in the computer. If you are interested in volunteering, but would like to participate in more quiet service, this might be the job for you.

Events Planner

We need people to arrange and plan adoption fairs, fundraisers, and publicity events. These volunteers would organize car washes, food drives, raffles and other such events. If you are an idea person, and would love to volunteer your talents, please contact us.


Several times a month we carry animals to the local vet’s offices for needed care.  We also transport animals to local television stations. If you like to drive around town this position is for you!

Foster Parents

We desperately need volunteers that can offer up their home as a temporary residency for some of our pets. We need homes for mothers that are nursing young, as well as orphans that are too young for adoption. This experience is temporary, ranging from two to eight weeks. These animals are then returned to the shelter and placed in adoption.


Many of the animals that are brought in have not received proper care. Their fur may be mangled or shaggy. The chance of getting adopted greatly increases if an animal has been bathed and groomed.

Dog Walker, Socialization

We have volunteers come into the shelter during adoption hours and exercise, walk, train and socialize the dogs. Volunteers working with the dogs have increased our adoptions by making the shelter dogs much more prepared for their new families.

Cat Helper

Cat helpers spend time just hanging out in the cat adoption room, socializing and playing with the cats and kittens. You will have the chance to assist families chose the purrrrfect cat or kitten for their home.