If you have any information about lost pets, please call Animal Services at 910-754-8204 or send an email to Thanks so much for your help!

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Lost Cat – Napoleon

Napoleon is a 19 year old black cat with white stripe down his nose, white (and dark
gray) on his chest, and white socks on back paws. Looks great for his
age, but doesn’t see well and one ear is folded at the top rim (lop
ear) and he has a loud gravelly voice. Very sweet personality, but
growls when he’s afraid.

Last Seen 287 Edgewater Drive, Shallotte.

Lost Dogs – Ace and Mia

2 Pit bulls, grey with clipped ears.  Last seen on Mt. Misery Rd.

Lost Cat – Cloudy

Cloudy is approximately 10 lbs., white and gray intact male, 2 years old.  Last seen Old Town Leland NC

Lost cat – Betty Lou

White underbelly with tabby on top.  Last seen Bay St in Southport NC

Lost Dog – Molly

Molly is a black and white female border collie, last seen 985 Ocean Blvd, Holden Beach. Neighbors saw
someone get her from the yard.

Lost Dog – Bear

Golden brown, kind of red, with honey brown eyes. Blue collar with name tag and contact number.

Lost Cat – Lola

Lola is a female Tuxedo cat, 4 years old. She is pleasantly plump!
Last Seen Doe Run Drive Supply, NC

Lost Cat – Anakin

Anakin is a dark, long hair, Maine Coon mix with yellow eyes.  Very friendly, not skittish.  5 years old and about 8 – 12 lbs.
Last seen in Richmond Hills in Supply

Lost Cat – Kiki

Kiki is brown and tan, mixed colors. She is a little scared of strangers

Last Seen: Pealanding Rd & 904

Lost Cat – Charlie

Wearing a pink sparkling collar,  last seen Stanbury Rd in Supply.