If you have any information about lost pets, please call Animal Services at 910-754-8204 or send an email to Thanks so much for your help!

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Lost Cat – Meg

Meg is a female, small, black short hair young cat, lost since 11/23.

Last Seen: 2306 E Oak Island Dr.

Lost Dog – Dwight

Dwight is a Doberman, Black/Tan Unneutered Male. Last seen 11/26/21 @ 7:30am. He ran into the
woods chasing a deer and we’ve been unable to recover him.

Last Seen: Occanechi Trail, Ebony (Lake Gaston)

Los Cat – Pneuma

Pneuma is a Bengal Cat, classic Bengal pattern, was born with no tail (just a nub), may be
wearing claw covers

Last Seen: 1191 Clancy Drive NE, Leland, NC 28451

Lost Dog – Zeus

Zeus is a brown French Bull Dog with Black Muzzle. Approx. weight 35 pounds

Last Seen 1000 Block of South Shore Drive BSL Southport NC 28461 on

Lost Cat - Isaac

Isaac is a male orange tabby cat – small ink-black dot on his nose. copper eyes.
Singly dark orange stripe on front right leg. very white striped tail
(may be dirty at this point)

Last Seen: Park at Village Oaks – November 18

Lost Dog – Papa

Papa is a Gray Pitbull with a white strip down the center of chest.

Last Seen 2234 Fay Circle

Lost Cat – Mouse

Mouse is an American Curl (Ears Curl Back) with Hemingway Paws (Polydactyly Paws)

Last Seen in Northwest

Lost Cat – Stripes

Stripes is an American Curl (Ears Curl Back), with Hemingway Paws (Polydactyly Paws)

Last Seen in Northwest

Lost Cat – Leo “Tubbs”

Tubbs is a very chubby tabby cat, can be mistaken for a main coon.  He has black feet and is very shy/skittish.
Loves Friskies Pate and temptations.
Last Seen on Poplar Branches Close, Belville NC 28451

Lost Cat – Sheldon

Sheldon is a white and tabby cat.  Last seen Mt Misery Rd and Lincoln School Rd, Leland.